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All e-Books come in PDF form which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, click here.

As described next, there are a number of ways to download the product.

Download One Large Zip File Containing All eBooks

Click here to download one zip file containing all your e-Books.

Zip files allow many files to be compacted and “zipped” up into one file.  This zip file needs to then be unzipped after downloading. Most modern computers should have an zip/unzip utility program installed.  If you’re not sure if you have one, download the file to your computer, then double click on the file as if to open it, and if your computer has a zip program installed,  it will start up and ask you where to unzip the files to.

If this does not happen, you need a zip utility such as winzip, 7-zip, alzip — there are many free, freeware, and paid versions available on the Web. You can find them by searching Google or at any popular download site.

If all this talk of zip files is too unfamiliar, you don’t have or you don’t know how to get a zip utility, or are otherwise unsure, then use the links below.

Download Individual PDF’s

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Alternatively, you may right-click on any link, and from the context menu click Save Link As, and then choose where on your hard drive to save the file. This avoids opening of the file in Acrobat Reader in your browser, and just downloads it for later use.

Make Up, Don’t Break Up

Till Death Do Us Part

Bonus #1.  Your Personality Profile.

Bonus #2.  Is Your Partner Ready For Love?

Bonus #3. Create-A-Mate

Bonus #4: What’s Your Relationship IQ?

Bonus #5: Critical Questions to Ask Before You Get Too Close.

Bonus #6:  Are We Compatible?

Bonus #7: Were We Compatible?

Bonus #8: Why Didn’t It Work Out With My Ex?


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