Promotional Tools and Messages for Affiliates

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On this page you will find resources for you to use to promote Dr. Love’s Relationship Rescue to your clients, friends and colleagues.

This is a great opportunity for you to:

  • provide information to your clients and prospective clients that will help them to grow and discover
  • receive generous affiliate fees
  • help more and more people to see create relationships the flourish and shine – which helps all of us make this world a better place!

To maximize your revenue potential we suggest you:

  • place a link on your own website resources page.
  • share your link with your social media community, your prospective clients, any group of people you know who might benefit from this program.

Images are provided below!



Here are the graphic banners we recommend you use to promote this product to your audience and followers. Please make sure you USE YOUR UNIQUE AFFILIATE LINK with these banners when you display them to the public and link them to the opt-in page. You MUST do this in order for us to be able to track your sales.


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