General Disclaimer of Warranty

This is a plain English version of the more legal disclaimers that can be found under Terms and Conditions. While the following may be obvious and even common sense, it needs to be stated for both legal reasons and because we want our intentions to be clear.

We do not, and cannot, under any conditions, guarantee that Dr Love’s Relationship Repair Kit will repair your relationship, stop your divorce, help you get someone back who doesn’t want to come back, help you live happily ever after, or do anything else other than provide you with information that may be helpful to you in achieving such goals. It is up to you to use the information we provide and to put it to use. Yet even when put to use, it is impossible for us to guarantee that it will work as you intend.

Here’s why: human nature is too complicated, and there are too many variables involved for anyone, let alone us, to say that doing x is always going to achieve result y.

This is simply an information product, and as such, is inert and cannot do anything on its own. The information contained in these materials requires the intervention and interpretation of a sentient human being to be put into any use or action. Those uses and actions are entirely subject to interpretation and revision by each individual, which we have no control over. Also, we cannot possibly anticipate the actions and reactions of other individuals involved in your relationship. Therefore we cannot guarantee the efficacy of any advice or methods or techniques recommended in any of these materials, and are not responsible in any way for the results of your attempts to use this information.