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This book is the cornerstone work upon which all my methods are based. It’s like the missing manual for relationships, and will give you insight into all the relationships in your life.

I’ve had parents write to me telling how it’s helped them with their children and vice-versa!

It will not only help you in winning your ex back, but most importantly, it help will help you AFTER you get your ex back. It helps you uncover the  issues that caused your relationship to fail to begin with, and then shows you how to avoid falling into those same negative patterns all over again.

It will show you the difference between conflict and fighting, and how conflicts can actually be a positive force that builds relationship trust and bonding.  And it will show you how and your partner how to properly communicate your needs and feelings with each other to increase harmony and avoid the common traps that escalate into negative conflicts that kill romance.

Here is a breakdown of the book with highlights of the important points you’ll learn in each chapter:

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Chapter 1: Understanding the Chemistry of Fighting

  • How unconscious automatic physiological fight responses are different in men and women.
  • Why men often withdraw from an argument, and why it doesn’t mean they don’t care.
  • The three types of fleeing men use to avoid confrontation.
  • Why arguments escalate out of control.
  • How understanding the chemistry of conflict helps you to not take his withdrawal behaviors personally, which pulls the plug on fighting.
  • A quick True-False test for women to gauge their man’s ANS response.

Chapter 2: The Relationship Battleground: Rate Your Conflicts on the Fighting Richter Scale.

  • What are your common subjects of conflict? I have identified 18 common areas of conflict, such as value conflicts, control freak arguments, money arguments, you-never-listen to me arguments, and more…  Discover your areas of conflict, their causes, and how to break free of them.
  • The difference between conflict and fighting.  How to handle conflicts, which are always going to be present in a relationship, without turning them into fights.
  • Fight Habituation: How to determine if you and/or your partner are “Fight Junkies.”
  • How to rate the severity of your fighting on my 3-degree Fighting Richter scale.

Chapter 3: The No Fly (off the Handle) Zone: Eliminating Fight Traps and Faulty Conflict Resolution Tactics

  • A complete and in-depth exploration of what Fight Traps are and how they are the #1 roadblock to resolving your conflict.
  • Learn about the 15 kinds of Open Warfare vs. the 9 kinds of Secret Warfare. Your fighting tactics are unveiled for you to examine and eliminate.
  • Identify the 3 Categories of Conflict Resolution Blocks: Universal, Couple, and Individual.
  • How Old Scars from your past can invade your present relationship.
  • Discover your Couple Type and how it affects your conflicts.
  • Understanding the male power play vs. the female power play.
  • Learn how to recognize and deal with such resolution blocks as controlling, competition, lack of cooperation, manipulation, refusing to negotiate, and more.

Chapter 4: Battle of the Bulge: The Sex Wars.

  • The differences between male and female sexual drives.
  • Why a woman’s sex drive fizzles when she feels emotionally insecure or angry with her mate.
  • Understanding different sexual tastes as the foundation for conflict.
  • Sexual war games: male versus female strategies.
  • Learning to “Read Between the Sheets: Sex as the Battleground for Non-Sexual Issues.”

Chapter 5: Battle Scars: How Childhood Wounds Cause Chronic Conflict and How to Heal Them.

  • How to determine if your fight patterns are being fueled by Old Scars.
  • Why we choose partners that are like our parents: learn about the Repetition Compulsion and how it unconsciously runs and ruins your life.
  • How to strip away the surface fight content and trace it back to your or your partner’s Old Scars.
  • How to discuss your Old Scars with your partner and create a mutual understanding.
  • The 9 types of Old Scars and how to heal them.

Chapter 6: How Your Head Can Be Your Own Worst Enemy: Training Your Mind to Fight for (Not Against) You.

  • Understanding the Echo Process: why we often hear what we want to hear.
  • How your negative interpretations, based on Old Scars, may be fueling your fighting.
  • The Five Steps to retraining your mind to overcome programmed distortions.
  • Excessive personalization and how to avoid it.

Chapter 7: The Battle Ax: How Women Can Use Climate Control Techniques to End Relationship Fighting.

  • The Seven Basic Cool-Down principles women need to know.
  • Recognizing relationship Danger Zones.
  • When to call a permanent truce on certain topics.
  • General Cool-Down techniques for when conflicts arise.
  • The 11 techniques of keeping things cool by meeting each other’s needs.
  • Partial Identification exercises to see things from your partner’s point of view.

Chapter 8: Listening to the Battle Cry: How to Use Your Ears to Resolve Conflicts.

  • The 8 types of Listening Blunders: which ones do you commit?
  • The 6 common Listening Blocks behind the blunders, plus unique male and female Listening Blocks.
  • How to understand what she’s really asking of you.
  • How to tell if he really cares.
  • Five easy techniques for better listening and understanding, and a simple exercise.

Chapter 9: On Furlough: Knowing When Not to Negotiate

  • When negotiation may actually serve as avoidance of feelings.
  • The Three Classes of non-negotiable issues: there are some things that are just NOT negotiable.
  • Common violations of Relationship Laws.
  • Getting past the overt fight content to the root of your feelings.

Chapter 10: The Peace Treaty: How to Negotiate a Contract

  • Self-Work required before bringing your problem to your mate: identifying Old Scars, recognizing your Fight Traps, Draining Off Raw Rage, and Digging Up Love.
  • How to initiate a discussion: the Ice-Breaker and the Lead-In.
  • Forming your Problem Statement without being confrontational. How to head off a fight before it’s too late.
  • How to keep the discussion on track and how to handle negotiation impasses and maintain mutuality.
  • The elements and techniques of creating a fair, positive, and winning contract.
  • Three hypothetical negotiation situations and examples.


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Click here to buy and download the entire kit plus the Till Death Do Us Part bonus NOW Purchase the entire RESCUE KIT PLUS Till Death Do Us Part NOW


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