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Dr. Jamie Turndorf, aka Dr. Love

Hello, I’m Dr. Jamie Turndorf, also known on the Web for over 15 years as “Dr. Love.”

My new program can not only ease your pain by showing you how to get your ex back, but also entirely transform your life and all your relationships.

But that’s easy to say. People can make claims, but do they have the track record to back it up?

Let me tell you a bit about who I am as a person, my professional background and experience, and how Dr. Love’s Relationship Rescue Kit was born.

Unlike many other so-called relationship experts on the Internet these days, I’m a real doctor with thirty years experience studying relationship conflict as well as working in direct counseling with couples and individuals.

I am the author of the critically acclaimed book Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First): A Step By Step Guide for Resolving Relationship Conflict.

This book has been endorsed by #1 NY Times Bestselling authors John Gray, author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, John Bradshaw, the creator of Inner Child Healing and author of Homecoming, and Harvard Professor of Psychiatry, John Mack, M.D.

My work has also been featured in top magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Psychology Today, New Woman, American Woman, Men’s Health, and on such TV shows as CNN, Inside Edition, Later Today, Fox News, and others. You may have heard of me or have seen me on one of these shows.

In 1994 I started the Web’s first interactive relationship advice column, http://www.AskDrLove.com, where I’ve been answering relationship advice questions for free for over 15 years. It now boasts an easy to search database of thousands of original advice columns on any relationship topic or issue.

I began my study of relationship conflict in college as an undergraduate, and then spent years in observational post-doctoral research. This research led me to unveil the Chemistry of Conflict which, combined with years as a practicing therapist and couples counselor, yielded my conflict resolution theories and methods.

I discovered that relationship conflicts could be boiled down to a number of core principles that apply to anyone, regardless of age, sexual orientation, or cultural background. I discovered what creates conflict, what fuels it, and what makes it turn ugly. And I discovered simple methods for resolving conflict and turning it into a positive force that makes relationships stronger instead of breaking them apart.

This is how my first critically acclaimed book, Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First): A Step By Step Guide To Resolving Relationship Conflict, was born. Since its first publication, this book has saved thousands of relationships and marriages and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

My Web site keeps me on my toes, and in the past few years, I’ve been getting more and more requests from people asking me how they can get their ex back after the relationship failed.

Now, many of the conflict resolution skills required to do this are essentially covered in Till Death Do Us Part. But from my professional counseling experience I know that it is one thing to save a relationship before it falls apart, and quite another to put it back together after it crumbles.

I began to see the need for a thorough method that guided people

through the process of reconciliation.

As I did in my first book, I wanted to create a step-by-step plan to help people get their ex back that was as simple and effective as possible. I figured that shouldn’t be too hard since that’s what I’ve been doing both in my advice columns and in private practice for the past three decades. I had already helped so many couples go from breakup to makeup.

One of the first things any author does before writing a book is research what’s already been written on the subject. So I sat down at my laptop and started Googling. As I searched the Web I soon found that there were few, if any, reliable guides on how to get your ex back written by professionals who knew what they were talking about.

In fact, the majority of them were written by self-proclaimed “relationship experts” who had no background in either psychology or couples counseling. I read through all of their promotional materials and ordered their books.

What I found simply horrified me.

To begin with, many were charging nearly $40 for a single 35-page ebook printed in large text. But what’s worse than the lack of quantity was the glaring disregard for quality.

I just couldn’t believe some of the bad advice I was reading. Little of it was grounded in the most basic accepted principles of psychology or at times even common sense.

The worst part is that these so-called experts were taking advantage of people who were in a vulnerable and desperate situation. They had no problem luring people into buying their books with unrealistic hyped-up quick fix promises of “secret” techniques and “magic” methods, and even tricking people into thinking that these methods were “guaranteed” to work (when they’re just offering a standard money-back guarantee).

Instead of truly trying to help people, they lined their pages with superficial advice that was all about trying to make your ex want you back through manipulative and immature tactics that any professional (and most halfway mature adults) knows are only going to backfire.

I realized that people were being duped and possibly even hurt.

It was now up to me to set the record straight and put together a complete method for getting your ex back based on the proven methods I’d been putting into practice for years.

This is how, after a year of research, writing, and editing, Make Up, Don’t Break Up: Dr. Love’s 5 Step Plan For Reconciling With Your Ex was born, as well as all the additional workbooks you will be getting as part of Dr. Love’s Relationship Rescue Kit.

The goals of this kit reach far beyond mere tactics and techniques for helping you get your ex back. First and foremost, it is a guide to your self-empowerment and self-realization because these are the true keys to rekindling your ex’s attraction to you.

Next, it is a manual for all relationships because I reveal to you what the ingredients of a healthy relationship are, help you identify which ones were missing, and show you how to rebuild the relationship with your ex the right way.

And yes, I walk you through how to approach your ex and arrange a meeting. I show you what to say, what not to say, and much more.

Book Cover: Make Up Dont Break Up: Dr. Love's 5-Step Plan For Reconciling With Your Ex

The book consists of five chapters that follow the five steps of my program:

Step One: Where Did We Go Wrong?

Step Two: Letting The Dust Settle

Step Three: Licking Your Wounds

Step Four: Taking Stock

Step Five: The Make Up

That’s all there is to it. Five steps that will guide you on the most proven relationship reconciliation program that exists today. This is the exact same process I have used in my couples counseling practice for years.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to make it sound like you’re going to get results tomorrow. In fact, I show you why all the methods out there that promise you instant results are deceiving you and why their shallow, quick-fix advice can backfire on you.

As you can see, my method takes four steps before we get to the final Make Up phase. Without these vital preparatory steps, you dramatically reduce your chances of success and run the risk of making some huge and irreversible mistakes.

This means you ARE going to have to do a little work first.

In most cases you can’t just read the book and Get Your Ex back overnight.


This is the most realistic program available. I don’t sell you fairy tales or try to gloss over the difficult parts. But I don’t make the difficult parts more difficult, either. However, to avoid the inevitable obstacles and pitfalls that are going to come your way would be to sell you short. Instead of making it all sound like a walk in the park on a sunny day, I reveal what’s lurking in the shadows, but I show you how to deal with whatever jumps out at you.

I cover issues that other methods either advise you against or skip over entirely because they don’t know how to deal with them. But then, most of these other authors don’t have the years of experience that I do helping people fix their relationships day in and day out. I know what works and what doesn’t. After decades of experience on the front lines dealing with every horror story you could imagine — and some you couldn’t — I can truly say I’ve seen it all.

For starters, most other programs tell you NOT to ask what went wrong in the relationship. Maybe they figure this question will just lead to more pain and arguments and needlessly tie you up in thinking about the past when (they think) you should be focusing on the future.

I suppose these are good intentions, though completely misinformed. They are trying to speed you to the finish line, but in the process skipping right over properly training you for the race.

I also go over how to handle infidelity, another topic that one of the biggest selling get your ex back books won’t touch with a ten foot pole.

After researching all the other books and methods available, I made sure that my method was the most comprehensive and effective of them all.

But, I bet no matter what I say, you still want to know: HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?

There is no single answer for everyone. Again, to pretend that there is, and claim that anyone can get his or her ex back in the next 48 hours, would be ridiculous sales hype. How long it takes all depends on where your relationship is already at. Everyone comes into this program at a different point.

Stop and think about what makes common sense and what doesn’t: you are not all in the same situation, so how could there be the exact same time frame for you all? Promises that sound too good to be true probably are. Don’t be sold on wishful thinking.

Instead of creating a one-size fits all solution, my program thoroughly considers many different scenarios for different people in different circumstances.

Some of you have just broken up. Some of you have been broken up for a week, a month, six months, a year. Some of you will be ready to approach your ex sooner than others. Some of you may require several weeks. It all depends on when you’re ready, and you should not approach you’re ex until you’ve taken all the preparatory steps I guide you through. Then, I show you how to know when you’re ready. This program could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how much work is required to fix both yourself and the relationship.

Besides, my method is NOT ABOUT SPEED. It’s about LASTING RESULTS.

And they are NOT the same thing.

While it may make you feel better temporarily, fast results may not be the best thing for you. Quick-fix methods usually only give you short-term gains, and before you know it, your relationship is on the rocks again because you’re repeating the same old negative patterns and haven’t really fixed the relationship. Anyone who tried to convince you that you can repair a broken relationship with a few “magic” phrases is pretty much selling you the Brooklyn Bridge.




Furthermore, I give you skills with which to navigate the inevitable bumps in the road so that you can avoid breaking up again in the future.

How about I give you a quick summary of each chapter? This will give you a better idea of how my method works:

Chapter 1: Where Did We Go Wrong?

  • This is not about stirring up a lot of he said/she said arguments, but about getting to the root cause of the breakup so you can avoid making the same mistakes again.
  • The fact is, you can’t fix something if you don’t know why it broke.
  • I show you that the cause of all relationship failures is not satisfying what I call the Universal Human Need, the force that pulls relationships together in the first place. Without it, relationships fall apart.
  • I also reveal the Relationship Essential Nutrients that are essential for the proper care and feeding of any relationship. I show what these nutrients are and how they’re different for men and women.
  • Without this understanding of what makes human relationships work in the first place, you will never understand why it didn’t work out with your ex to begin with, and so you’ll never know what you need to do to put the relationship back together.

Chapter 2: Letting The Dust Settle

  • In this chapter, you learn in greater depth why you must stay away from your ex until you are absolutely ready.
  • You learn why your self-healing and self-empowerment is key to your success.
  • I encourage you to commit to following the program and dropping all your expectations about how it should go.
  • I go over all the most common mistakes one makes at this stage, and how to avoid making them and having everything backfire on you.
  • I give you exercises for looking further into what went wrong, and how to see things from your ex’s point of view without falling into self-blame and guilt.
  • This chapter is vital for you to prepare yourself to deal with your inner self and the work to come and stop obsessing about what your ex is doing.

Chapter 3: Lick Your Wounds and Raise Your Personal Net Worth

  • This chapter focuses on your own inner healing and rebuilding your self-confidence and self-esteem to increase your attractive power.
  • I show you how to get control of the obsessive thoughts and painful emotions that are blocking your success.
  • Similar to Relationship Essential Nutrients, I show you how to give yourself the Personal Essential Nutrients you need to heal.
  • You learn about your Personal Net Worth and why it is the most powerful force in your quest to get your ex back.
  • I give you numerous exercises for rebuilding your physical and mental strength so you can raise your Personal Net Worth.

Chapter 4: Taking Stock

  • This Chapter focuses on fully assessing the health of your relationship using some of the accompanying workbooks.
  • I help you do a quick check of your ex’s readiness to be in a relationship, and uncover his or her Old Wounds that might be getting in the way.
  • You take a quick compatibility test to confirm that you are indeed in the right relationship, and that you and your ex are, in fact, right for each other.
  • Most importantly, we find out what is fueling your particular relationship problems and how to stop the cycle of conflict that leads to breaking up again.
  • Healing the scars of the breakup, rebuilding the relationship on the right foundation, and learning the necessary skills to constructively deal with your differences are vital to getting your ex back.

Chapter 5: The Make Up

  • In this Chapter, I take you step-by-step through the final makeup phase.
  • I show you how to approach your ex and ask for the first meeting.
  • Don’t know what to say? I provide a list of conversational ice-breakers to start you off on the right track.
  • How to handle being rebuffed and work around the objection.
  • How to handle cold feet on the part of your ex.
  • Where to meet, what to wear, how long to have the meeting.
  • How to act and what to say and do during the first meeting to start stirring up and rekindling feelings in your ex.
  • What NOT to say, and how to avoid the most common Fight Traps and keeps things positively focused on your intention.
  • How to NOT repeat prior negative relationship patterns that will derail the entire process.
  • How to demonstrate your new found confidence and attractive power without going overboard. How to follow up and ask for another date and keep things moving forward.
  • And MUCH more! This is the largest chapter of the book and contains numerous exercises, examples, dialogues, and instructions that take you step-by-step through the make up process and beyond.

The method outlined in this book is the same advice I give my clients who are paying me over $100/hour, often over the course of many appointments, to achieve the same results. It is yours here for a fraction of the cost.

I can’t stress this enough: these are proven methods tested over many years of direct experience working with couples in live therapy sessions with me. This is not some untested theory, or the fanciful ideas of some self-proclaimed expert.

Clearly, this book alone is worth at least $37. However, I don’t stop there, but have included 5 bonuses worth much more.

This is a practical, hands-on, step-by-step manual written to help everyday people, not to impress professors. However speaking of professors here’s what some of my professional peers have to say about my conflict resolution methods:

“Dr. Turndorf has relationships figured out. If you want a great relationship, you must read her book and follow her 7-step method for lasting love.”

— Jack Canfield

Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book empire and The Secret

“If anger and fighting are ruining your dream of a happy marriage, Dr. Turndorf’s conflict resolution program is for you.”

— John Gray

Author of NY Times #1 bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“This book is mandatory reading for every couple that wants to build lasting love.”

— John Bradshaw

Author of NY Times #1 bestseller Homecoming

“This well-researched book offers a thorough, step-by-step program that provides tools for couples to heal even the most troubled relationships.”

— Dr. John Mack

Pulitzer Prize winning author and Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

While we’re at it, check out a

few unsolicited testimonials from my Web site.

“Dr. Love saved my marriage! Thanks a billion!”

— Dr. Lowski

“Thanks for all the advice. You help me lots through everything that I have been through, from love to life. It is really great to have you to turn to when I need the advice. THANKS!!!”

— Paige Ellis

“Dr. Love helped me to understand a great deal about past patterns and why I do continue them.”

— Diana Sheldrick

“Thank you so much for the advice. My boyfriend and I are finally making it! Thanks again, Dr. Love! You’re my hero!”

— Andrea

And lastly some Amazon.com reviews of Till Death Do Us Part.

“I just finished devouring this book. Absolutely great stuff. This is the help I needed twenty years ago. Duh! Now I get it! My marriage of 30 years is over BUT maybe this can help me save a one year old relationship that has foundered due to my lack of “conflict resolution” skills. I’m going to re-read this book then do my best to apply what I’ve learned. (Then I’ll read it again).”

— Scott Sandow

“This self-help book centers on Dr. Turndorf’s proven method for resolving relationship conflict before it gets ugly, abusive, and over… [it] provides ways to end or at least reduce the cycle of relationship warfare that spirals into divorce, hatred, and oftentimes leads to physical and mental abuse. Her conflict-resolution steps are simple to follow. Sometimes we all can use an arbitrator like Dr. T. Her writing style is so personal that it feels like she’s in your living room guiding you to end the conflict and reconnect. This book is for anyone who wants a better relationship with a partner, a friend, a sister, brother, mother, father, daughter or son.”

— Debbie Berk

“Love this book! Even though it’s written for couples, I am living proof that Dr. Turndorf’s conflict resolution techniques improve any kind of relationship. Now I get along with my daughter! This book is packed with humorous anecdotes and case examples. It’s a fun read even if you don’t have relationship conflict.”

— Emilie Krueger

These testimonials and reviews from today’s top experts

and everyday people just like you are unanimous: my methods work!

Now, even if you’re already convinced I can help you, I’m going to add in 5 more Free bonuses to complete this kit and make it a NO-BRAINER offer!

These bonuses will help you put your priorities in order before, during, and after a relationship. They will help you understand you and your partner’s psychology, determine compatibility, profile who and what’s right for you, and even where a relationship went wrong.

They will guide you in understanding what was undermining your relationship with your ex in the first place, and show you where you need to repair it and break the old dysfunctional communication patterns.

Most of these bonuses are self-tests or questionnaires with a simple self-grading system with an explanation and analysis of your answers. They are fun and informative and will help you understand yourself, your partner, and this crazy little thing called love a lot better!

Bonus #1

Your Personality Profile Book Cover

Your Personality Profile. Dr. Love’s 32 Personality Keys for Deeper Self-Awareness & Happier Relationships.

Do you have trouble trusting? Are you jealous? Do you fear commitment? Are you afraid of being alone?

Through a series of True/False questions, I help you discover the issues that are blocking your path to successful relationships and happiness. The source of these blocks is usually Old Scars, and I help you identify these scars and show you how to heal them. The healthier you are, the higher your chances of getting your ex back and keeping him/her!

Bonus #2

Is Your Partner Ready

Is Your Partner Ready For Love? Dr. Love’s 66 Keys For Measuring Your Partner’s Relationship Readiness.

Before getting your ex back, it’s vital to check out whether your ex is ready for a relationship. With this test, I also help you figure out if your ex has Old Scars from childhood that contributed to your break up. I give you tips on how you can help your ex clear away the emotional cobwebs that blinded him/her. Clearing out the Old Scars will help your ex to rekindle the love that brought you together.

Bonus #3


Create-A-Mate: Dr. Love’s Blueprint for Discovering Your Ideal Partner & Avoiding Incompatibility.

Can You Tell Mr. or Ms. Right from Mr. or Ms. Totally Wrong?

After poor relationship skills, unfinished business, and Old Scars, the number one cause of failed relationships is simply incompatibility. This guide will help you create the profile of your ideal mate, the partner of your dreams. This exercise will help you determine how closely your ex matches your ideal mate.

Bonus #4


What’s Your Relationship IQ? Dr. Love’s 25 Keys for Learning About Your Relationship Intelligence

Here we look at how you function in relationships through a series of multiple choice options for how you would react in a given relationship situation. Preferred answers for the more healthy responses, analysis of your final score, and suggestions on how to do things differently are provided. This test works in tandem with your Personality Profile to help you understand what makes you tick, where you may have gone wrong with your ex, and how to not make the same mistakes in the future.

Bonus #5

Are We Compatible

Are We Compatible? Dr. Love’s 118 Factors for Measuring Compatibility With Your Ex.

While it’s true that opposites attract, research proves that homogamy, or similarity, is the key to compatibility. This is because couples who are too dissimilar find themselves fighting over every issue big and small. The truth is, the more similar you and your partner are, the more compatible you will be.

With this test, I assess your level of homogamy in the all the areas that matter so you can be sure that you and your ex are truly right for each other.

Now, you must be asking, what’s all this going to cost? Surely I must be building up to some final big price, right?

Well, no. That’s not how I do things.

In fact, you may have noticed that I have rarely mentioned price on this page so far.

Instead, what I’ve been trying to get across to you is real value, not hyped up claims and exaggerated dollar values that are just cover-ups for lack of substance.

These are realistic prices of what all the eBooks in this kit would cost sold separately:

Make Up Don’t Break Up: $11.95

All 5 bonus books @ $9.95 each = $49.75

Total: $61.70

However, your price today for this entire Relationship Rescue Kit is $39.95!

Dr. Love's Relationship Rescue Kit

Before you make your decision, let me ask you a few key questions:

  • Can you continue to go on feeling the way you have been?
  • Can you live the rest of your life not knowing if things could have turned out differently?
  • Can you risk continuing to try to do this on your own instead of getting professional guidance?
  • Can you afford NOT to invest a mere $39.95 in learning how to get your ex back and create the relationship you’ve always dreamed of having?

  DIGITAL version of Dr. Love’s Relationship Rescue Kit and get started on getting your ex back now.


  HARD COPY version of Dr. Love’s Relationship Rescue Kit.